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Go Kart Fleet Hire

Despite the fact that most outdoor tracks will have a full range of karts available there are times when either the size of your group exceed what the track can provide or, in certain circumstances you want to host your own kart race in say, your office car-park, or have another non-karting venue in mind.

UK Go Karting has access to a range of large fleets of karts that can be transported throughout the world where we can host anything from an individual Grand Prix-style race right up to 24-hour races. One of our technicians will need to visit the site to ensure that it would be safe to run a race for you but if all the correct boxes are ticked then we’ll give you a price.

If you like cars, then you'll love these Go Karts!

Even if you only have a passing interest in the colour of your next showroom special, you can't help but wonder how a tiny petrol engine can hurl you so confidently up to 70mph, how the brakes can haul you in for the corner before your foot goes back on the gas and you blitz 60mph again in around four seconds. You have to admit, that is impressive.

Regular Maintenance

The karts are expertly serviced between each of our bespoke events.  Vast amounts of cash are spent over the winter months and every aspect of the power plant from the ignition up is rigorously tested to ensure unfailingly high standards.

As with everything connected with our corporate events, the go karts are designed to give you the best karting experience possible and maximise the time you spend on the track. If you've been racing - but not in one of our go karts - you're in for a very pleasant surprise...

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