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Go-Kart Racing for Children's Birthdays & other Parties

At the track...

Kart racing is possibly the safest way to have a go at a motorsport. No driving experience is required, and every year thousands of new people try the thrill of go karting. Dozens of tracks up and down the country are geared up to get you up to racing speed and the choice of events is varied.

No experience is required as full tuition is always provided as well as all the equipment you'll ever need - race suit, crash helmet and gloves. All you need is some enthusiasm and the will to give it a go.

The minimum age AND height for the juniors will vary from venue to venue so please check our lists of ages and heights here to make sure that everyone can join in the fun.

On the other hand...

At your home

If you’re looking for the ultimate in karting parties for your juniors but maybe you want something just that little bit special, then why not hold it at home? Providing that there is sufficient flat ground (around 30 x 20 metres) our technicians can rig up an inflatable track and supply battery-powered karts that are simply ideal for 4 to 11 year olds.

Our crew will bring everything needed for a truly memorable day’s karting. The track is a fully-inflatable rig that is assembled in next-to-no-time and the karts are all battery-powered, so there are no noisy engines to trouble the neighbours! All the kids will be supplied with racing suits and helmets and will be supervised by our expert team of race marshals and directors.

All you now need is some party food and goody bags and there you have it; the perfect karting party for your youngsters.

Prices vary depending upon location so please contact the UK Go Karting team for a full quote.

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