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Le Mans 24 Hours - The ultimate endurance event

An introduction to a day at the races:

The best value karting by far is still endurance racing. For those with the stamina to race for lap after lap then long-distance racing is great value for money. Nowadays there are very few of these left for drivers who simply want to turn up (without the bother of actually owning a kart) but our advisors are happy to help and can point you in the right direction.

One event that always occurs and attracts a truly international field is the Le Mans 24 Hours - the ultimate endurance event!

Forget every endurance race you’ve ever done at a kart track – these are mere ‘sprint’ events in comparison to the Le Mans 24-hour race. This is the big one and if you’ve done it once then in all likelihood you’ll want to go back again and again.

The racing is gruelling enough with long stints behind the wheel, racing in the dark under floodlights and coping with ever-changing weather conditions, but the sheer physical and mental strain on keeping everything together over a whole day is truly something else. For example – it’s midnight, pitch black, cold and (even if it’s not damp or wet) the circuit will have cooled off and you’ll have less grip just at the time where your engine is sucking in nice cool dense air making it go faster... and you’re tired and cold and disorientated and there’s still another FOURTEEN hours to go!

Tactics and race planning are of course essential as this really is a team effort. Don’t just turn up with four drivers and expect to finish up on the podium; your racers will need all the assistance they can get so they can simply concentrate on the job in hand. To help you in this task the Circuit Du Alain Prost is an excellent venue with all the facilities you’ll need to run your team like a well-oiled clock.

These days the event is for ‘hire karts’ only, which means that none of those pesky lightweight owner/driver machines will be passing you every ten seconds – this is now a ‘one class’ race and the playing field is definitely level with every entrant having the chance to win one of Europe’s most prestigious karting events.

If you'd like more details on how to enter this fantastic race please call or contact us.

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