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Would you like your own karting race track for a day?

We'll come to you, and build you your own temporary circuit!

When your local track just isn't quite what you need, but you still want to put on a fun day for your staff and clients, then - if your building has its own car park - it may be possible to construct a temporary circuit so you can host your very own race event.

With the right help, many office or factory car parks can be converted to a kart track to give everyone a real thrill.

First, site inspection

In order to maintain the highest levels of safety for your event the venue will have to have a site inspection from our chief consultant, Martin Howell. He will assess the proposed area and submit a detailed report that will outline the equipment need to host a kart race. This will involve crash barriers, safety barriers, safety equipment, staffing levels, risk assessments, insurance requirements, computer timing, race suits and crash helmets needed as well as plans for the layout of the track and the safe number of karts that can be raced.

Meet Martin, our Track Inspector 

Martin has been in the karting industry for as long as anyone can remember. Apart from working at our events, he is a regular at the NEC Autosport Show, where is the consultant for the Live Action Karting. He has run the Gulf 24-hour race in Kuwait, acted as race director for the National Pro-Karting Championship, been a race driving instructor at Brands Hatch and run the UK’s only 2-stroke karting series. In short, when it comes to planning events he really is the ‘go-to’ man.

It is Martin who will oversee the planning and construction of any of our bespoke events and his comprehensive report will give you a full breakdown of what will be required to host an event of this type. Because of his years in the karting industry he has had hands-on experience of virtually every type of race meeting possible and has in-depth knowledge of all the contractors and suppliers that are needed to host a race meeting.

On top of that he is also a wonderful raconteur so don’t expect any dry and humourless race briefings when he’s running the show!

Next, the day before race day 

If the proposal (and price) meets your expectations then we will set about converting your space into a mini Monaco. Prior to race day the team will arrive and make safe all the areas that represent potential hazards (like lamp posts, kerbs and trees) and the track will be laid out using deformable plastic safety barriers. Where necessary crowd barriers will also be installed to protect spectators from the racing karts and speed restrictions will be put in place at the entry to the designated pit lane. Once the track is complete our staff will drive the track in the karts to identify any danger spots that may have been overlooked and, once our chief consultant is happy, we will be ready to race.

On the day

Race day itself will have been discussed with you prior to the event to assess the correct format for the number of drivers expected to attend and we will ensure that sufficient karts, race suits and crash helmets are available to all. After the compulsory safety briefing it’s off to the circuit for some wheel to wheel action. The race will be overseen by our expert team of race marshals and the race director who will ensure that everything runs according to plan. After what we hope will be a memorable day the team will dismantle the circuit, pack everything back into the trucks, clean up any debris and leave you to gather by the water cooler to chat about what a great race you had.

Tailor the day to your exact requirements

And it’s not just the racing! If you really want to splash out then any number of extras can be provided from signage, bespoke race suits, filming and photography, catering, marquee hire – in fact, everything you may possibly need to make the day just that bit special. To find out what we can do just contact us and we can discuss the various options that are available.

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